Sometimes I make an attempt to do visual art and story telling at the same time! This results in a fun comics of varying length, and I’ll be working hard this year to make more of these available. I’ve got to out there in the world and I can’t wait to share the others I have planned.

Indigo: Sisters

Indigo: Sisters is the story of Angel, who has been bothered by her recent visions. Things only get worse when her haunted roommate Sam moves in. They have to learn to master their fears and awaken their powers if they want to save Sam’s ghost. But along the way they learn it might not be enough to save their world.

This comic is currently on hiatus due to life™ with plans to relaunch on Webtoon or Tapas in the summer of 2020. While I had finished the story I began work on it before I knew what I wanted it to look like visually and really wanted to start over with a more consistent look.

How to Build Trust in Science and Health –

While earning my bachelor’s degree I was amazed at how inaccessible most STEM topics were. I feel passionate about science being available to all people and was lucky to be informed about Lifeology. They bring storytelling and art to science topics in an effort to make things more accessible. here’s one I illustrated!

The Ritual

In this short we follow Caleb thru a calming ritual after he is confronted with an anxious start to his work day.

The Ritual is a short comic that was publish in the We’re Still Here All Trans Anthology by Stacked Deck Press. I wanted to make my little contribution available to read online even tho its short.