Hire Me!

Fill out the form below to start the commission process. I will contact you as soon as possible with a price quote that will be good for 1 month! In order to smooth out the process please share with me every detail of your art commission or expectations for your diversity and inclusion consultation. If something is out of scope for me I’ll let you know. Please note if you decide to commission me you’ll be agreeing to my terms and conditions.

Art Commissions:
Your price includes a work in progress sketch that you will approve before final rendering. A 4 week work time and 1 high res file, unless we discuss differently. You will pay at least %50 up front of any commission over $50. Commissions under $50 will be paid in full in advance. Failure to come to an agreed sketch will result in termination of this agreement and your fee returned. After agreeing to a sketch work will be completed and no refunds shall be issued for any reason other than failure to complete the commission or failure to communicate the need for a time extension. I stay in contact throughout the process and welcome your feedback on my progress. Art commissions are for non-commercial use ONLY. You may not resell the artwork in any form itself or on another item. Please contact me for information on any art you need for your business or brand sales. I retain all rights to the commissioned work. This includes the right to resell the image, use the image in my portfolios, and create derivative works. 

Diversity Consultations and Sensitivity Readings:
Your price includes a 30 minute video as well as a written analysis of your work from my personal viewpoint. I do not provide editing or copywriting services. We will agree to the appropriate timing on your project but reads can take anywhere from a week to 3 months. Payment will be received before any services are given. No refunds unless I cannot make our appointment or agreed upon timing.